Oh! There you are, Drama!


I have had my very first, direct run-in with God Modding. I've heard about it, seen it in passing, and definitely seen it being mocked. But, I have never had mods jump all over me for such a small thing.

I also had my CRL entry play host to such a powerfully derailing tidal wave of wank, that I found it best to simply sidestep the entire conversation. I knew it was bad when I saw at least two of the community's mods arguing and fighting with the regular members. Not even to correct them via Mod Notes, just plain wanking like children.

How is it that a community I have been a part of for quite some time has managed to fall apart while I was not looking? I knew that things had gone bad, but it seems that I was utterly blind to the astounding depths of insanity that place had plunged to.

The main customer suck community used to be this awesome place that you could gripe and receive a pat on the back after a rather bad turn. This is not to say that every person adhered to this. However, there weren't nearly as many special snowflakes that policed every word that's written. There wasn’t this expectation of a fight breaking out at any moment.

More and more, I have seen the entries where posters are apologizing before they even launch into their stories and it shouldn’t be that way. People shouldn't have to beg for forgiveness to express themselves with the words that have available to them. Everyone isn't blessed with an extensive vocabulary and I think that some of these Internet drama types tend to forget that. Or, simply overlook it.

But after it's all said and done, you still look like an idiot, because you're only serving to provide entertainment for the likes of fandom_wank and other such communities. I honestly don't think that people take their words and actions into account, because there seems to be this climate that encourages members to jump all over other members who don't say things 100% perfectly.

Sometimes, we simply do not have the words to express ourselves. And sometimes, we just want to get the feelings and thoughts out before we shut them inside of ourselves, never to be released.

But again, people just do not get this. How do we live in a world that is both hyper politically correct and shocking rude and dismissive at the same time? How are we expected to share our thoughts and experiences in such a community of people?

I don’t know the answers to these questions outside of hosting a continued search for ‘safe places’. :-/

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April 2015

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