Is LJ completely full of trolls?

Seriously, all I want to know is:

  • When did the entire LJ community go batshit crazy?

  • When did all of the trolls on LJ move into positions of power and were allowed free reign?

  • When did it become a rule that you must agree with the majority and not point out honest-to-goodness facts? Like if you cannot deal with something, maybe you should stop interacting with it.

  • Because I got to tell you, that is good solid advice. And definitely looks like something I might have to look into my damn self.

    I can't say that I've ever been thrown for such a loop in my LJ life. I don't go out of my way to troll people, because I am much more interested in having an intelligent conversation than needlessly fighting. It's just that trying to reason or discuss anything with the rude and aggressive posters in LJ comms these days is an experience that one could never see coming. Not if you don't hang out in the comms enough.

    Even so, I re-visited a valuable life lesson there - do not try to interact with people who are 100% certain they, and they alone, are correct. The God Complex on these people is stunning and something I wasn't prepared for. I'm not used to having people gang up on me over nothing.

    Quite literally, nothing.

    Looking back, I suppose that it was to be expected. Between the ease with which they slipped into their mob mentality and the anonymous nature of the Internet, there seems to be nothing like a good flaming to do these people's health good. Still, I am completely stunned to see people behave this way, to see them viciously attempt to shout someone down just because they don't agree with them.

    I suppose that it is naive of me to believe the best in humans in general. After all, look at the sick crap we as a species do to one another on a day-to-day basis. Look at the way that you cannot turn on the news without hearing all bad news and murders every single day. It makes staying at home and reading a book instead of interacting with these crazies seem an absolute paradise. (Which it is, let me tell you!)


    The human race just makes me sad to sit here and contemplate.



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