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I love the fact that all it takes is a few random finds on the Internet to give you perspective about the useless a-holes we all run across on a daily basis. I'm talking everyone from the collar-popped douches of the world to the rampant pseudo-intellectuals that have taken over the Internet.

Most particularly, I’m referring to the variety that grows and festers among social media and networking sites. I’m talking about those persons who write long 'essays' about stuff they know nothing about. This further applies to the anonymouses that gather together in hate threads/communities/Tumblrs and the like.

It's not so much that these things didn't dawn on me before, but more like a revelation that I am not alone in this train of thought. It can be hard to maintain a complete connection to the reality of a situation when you have a horde of yahoos all preaching the same brand of off-kilter hive mind thought. It is especially aggravating when this reality is utterly clear, if people would take two seconds to pull their heads out of their behinds.

But the sad fact of the matter is that people like the anonymouses of the Internet will never get a clue and start behaving like decent human beings. It is literally an impossible feat for them to achieve, what with the readily available drones to agree with them. After all, what is the point of living if a bunch of people you shall never meet and/or form a lasting relationship with don't tout you as their fucked up 'wise man'?

The Tumblr I ran across was basically based around racism and how non-PoC honestly won't get racism in and of itself. This is true enough in some regards, because you will never fully be able to grasp some things unless you experience them yourselves. Myself included. However, it was the same pattern of behavior they pointed out that I have seen in other areas of life, that have nothing to do with racism, that pinged so strongly with me. It is these same kinds of entitled, ignorant, vicious, and single-minded types of people that I see spreading their BS in so many corners of the world, that a sane person is bound to feel surrounded by them.

Luckily for me, I know the virtues of taking a breath, stepping back, and going outside. Or better yet, reading an awesome book and worrying about the characters’ problems for a little while. It is the best reminder that although these faceless people, who have nothing better to do with their time but to seek out empty opportunities to lord baseless claims and blatant lies over others, indisputably have only this to treasure in their lives. And that even as they are witlessly crowing in "victory," because they feel they have "won" some important Internet achievement, their bullshit doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t warrant a direct response and it doesn’t warrant sinking to their pathetic level. Spending even the barest amount of time among sane websites and my real life friends reiterates that I don’t need to be some misguided Internet bully like my foes to be a Good Person or Right. I just need to remember to chill out and let the trolls have their fun, because it’s all they have. So, no need to respond to the crazy racists, word police, and other unsavory Internet characters, but part of you always wants to. And therein lies the trouble. Lol



April 2015

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