Is this my life? Seriously? O.o

I am having the oddest dilemma of my fandom life at the moment. I'm actually faced with what appears to be blatant plagiarism of my fandom work. It's crazy, because this has never happened before to my knowledge. But here I am.

I'm kind of going in circles, because I'm in a ridiculously small fandom. Meaning, we shouldn't have drama or be stealing one another's work this soon into the game. There are literally, like, maybe 20 people that ship the Henry Sturges/Abraham Lincoln pairing from the book, "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." I'm currently the only person writing smutty fics for the Abery pairing, outside of one lone other story that showed up after mine.


I posted a fic for the last day of [info]mmom (which has been eating my life this past month) on the various sites that I post to and what pops up today? An extremely poorly written copycat fic that mimics the story I literally just posted the day before that this same "author" liked and commented on via Tumblr. She changed the substance used, but she copied the actions and reactions exactly. Like I said, it's the oddest thing, because how do you go about telling someone to back the eff up off of your work?

I even had someone who had read the original fic re-read the copycat fic just to be sure and they agreed. This person hasn't done this to me before, that I know of, so what do I do now? My friend says karate chop them and I'm literally flabbergasted. I know that it's a compliment and all, but why the fuck would she steal my work and then post it where I would see it? Again, there are maybe 20 of us in all spread out over something like five websites.

*headdesk* I kind of wish that the stories were on an archive, because I could just report her and that would be that.




April 2015

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