MMoM 2012 Master List

I wanted to do an entry where I linked to all of my MMoM 2012 fics all in one place. So, this is it. :) I didn’t finish all of the days, nor did I finish writing all of the fics I had planned/begun writing, but I’m still slightly proud of myself. This is the most creative writing I’ve done in two long years.

Please note that 12/13 fics are clearly marked as NC-17. The other is just under enough to slide by.

Original Fiction:

  • Perform for Me

  • The Best Defense is a Good Offense

  • It’s Just You and Me

  • The A-Team (2010):

  • The Most Perfect Hunt

  • Legion (2010):

  • Divine Timeout

  • Like a Moth to Angel Flame

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

  • Not With a Whimper, But a. . . .

  • To Get What You Want

  • And Not A Damn Was Given

  • The Shape of Gratitude

  • Paradise Interrupted

  • Lay Us Down to Sleep

  • Real Person Fiction:

  • Delving into the Right Headspace
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