[info]dmitchell1985 wrote
on June 24th, 2012 at 02:19 am

Not this crap again.

It is insane just how quickly a hive mind had taken over the AL:VH fandom on Tumblr. It's almost to the point where I wish I had never used my Tumblr to interact with fandom at all. True, it's my own fault for creating fandom spaces, but someone else was bound to do. So, in a way, it's barely my fault for basically founding the fandom.

It just irritates the living fuck out of me that as soon as you say something that is not a popular opinion, certain people feel the need to instantly reblog your posts and explain why you're wrong. I'm sorry, but I was under the impression that it was MY blog and that I could post whatever I wanted to post. But even so, there's this feeling like your blog "belongs" to fandom, like it has a right to dictate what you post, how you feel, and what you think about AL:VH or anything else.

I'm sorry if I'm not some mindless fangirl that likes every single thing they are tossed by the AL:VH franchise, but I don't think that people should feel the need to practically shout me down when I say as much. If I like the book more than the movie, so be it. If I think something is stupid, I have the right to say as much. And if I take a offense to some fake chick stealing my story, then I should be able to take offense without this chick acting like an offended bitch for being privately called out. I shouldn't be made to feel like this same fake, two-faced person is basically taking over the entire fandom, because she obviously feels like she needs to be a BNF in a tiny fandom.

I also shouldn't feel as though there was a bit of slandering going on as well, based on the way that people interact with me now. All in all, I already need a break from the Tumblr world. I simply don't want to interact with these people anymore. Not all of them are bad, don't get me wrong. But I've been completely soured on the AL:VH fandom. It's got some real wolves in sheep's clothing hiding amongst them and I'm too old to play these stupid online games. This crap is for children. Which, incidentally, most of the fandom seems to be judging by their posted ages. *shrugs*

I think that from now on, I'm just going to write whatever fiction I want and ignore the Tumblr crowd for the most part. I don't like that fact that something I enjoy is making me feel like crap. I know that you don't have to give people the power to decide how you feel, but sometimes, that doesn't apply. Especially when you can pick up the undercurrent of what's not being said.

I am seriously considering handing my Abery Tumblr blog over to my LJ comm co-owner. I don't know just how much I want to pull back, but at the moment, it feels like I need to retreat pretty far. This is literally why I prefer to stay home and read books or go out on solo adventures. Every time I try to go out of my personal universe to interact with other people, I am quickly reminded why I dislike other people so much. There are very good reasons why I am a misanthrope. And sometimes, I lose my head and forget those reasons. They never stop being true, I just hope for the best and dive in anyway.

I am wrong every single time.


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