Jan. 18th, 2019

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Title: Inventories, III
Challenge: Investigation
Word Count: 100

The accounting wallahs sent by the Board of Governors sat quietly as Minerva introduced the staff, the oldest visibly yawning by the end. It was clear they expected yet another boring list of numbers, and would treat it accordingly.

That ended when Minerva asked for the school inventories. Severus bowed, turned, and snapped his fingers, then stepped back as a dozen elves, each balancing a foot-thick stack of parchment on its head, processed in and deposited the fruits of his labors on the conference room table.

“The results of my investigation, ladies and gentlemen. I trust this is sufficient?”

Jan. 17th, 2019

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Title: Inventories, II
Challenge: Investigation
Word Count: 100

Severus' stores may have been “shipshape and Bristol fashion,” as his Muggle gran had put it, but the same could not be said of his colleagues. The Quidditch changing rooms were appalling, even after a concerted investigation to determine what had happened to the winter-grade uniforms, and the less said about Divination, the better. Even with every elf in the castle assisting, tracking down every missing bat, broom, and ancient tin or box of White Tippy Dragon Oolong of the Five Elemental Winds would be a nightmare.

So of course Minerva put Severus in charge of straightening it all out.

Jan. 16th, 2019

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Hey!! I know this is a long shot, but I was looking to create a new journal for writing purposes and I don't have any codes for it. If anyone could help me out, I'd very much appreciate it!

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Looking for a dead journal code.

Hello ,i am looking for a dead journal code cause i really want to create an account there ,if anyone has one code I'd really appreciate it , thankyou and have a good day !!
- Simba

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Title: Inventories, I
Challenge: Investigation
Word Count: 100

“Remind me again why we are inventorying every single object in the ruddy castle?” Severus, who had just spent eight excruciating days inventorying his still room, the Slytherin House common room and dormitories, and a goodly chunk of the Head of School's wine cellar, downed a headache tincture in one gulp. “I still had to order my books for the fall and - “

“The Board of Governors require a periodic inventory. If anything is missing, we need to investigate, account for the loss, and make it good.” Minerva sighed. “I don't like it either, but needs must.”

Jan. 13th, 2019

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Challenge #776: "Investigation"

Challenge 776: Investigation

This week we take a break from wizarding societies and instead we'll have a simple prompt word: Investigation.
Maybe your mod has been watching too much television news, but that seems to be the word of the week.
So, let's discuss Snape and investigation, in whatever context you like.

(Remember: drabble posts now appear on livejournal and insanejournal and dreamwidth.)

Jan. 11th, 2019

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Title: It's a Family Affair, XI
Challenge: Society for the Tolerance of Vampires
Word Count: 100

Twenty-five years later:

“Professor Snape!” One of the seventh years rushed up, a letter clutched in her hand. “I've been offered the position! Look!”

“Miss Fawley, kindly do not run in the castle. You know the staircases - “

“Here!” Miss Fawley shoved the paper under Severus' nose. “The Society for Vampire Tolerance wants me as their chief apothecary. Isn't it wonderful?”

Severus blinked. His grandfather's obsession with vampire tolerance had been a Prince family joke for decades, and he had to cough to cover the urge to laugh. “Congratulations,” he said at last. “What excellent news.”

Jan. 10th, 2019

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Title: It's a Family Affair, X
Challenge: Society for the Tolerance of Vampires
Word Count: 100

Two years later:

“He looks like a vampire, he does,” muttered Theophrastus as his grandson toddled over to the bookshelf. “Doesn't like the sun, he's got - ”

“Drop it, dear,” his wife muttered back. “Eileen still hasn't forgotten you trying to get her a job with that nasty Tolerance place. What about young lad who nearly got sucked to death?”

“They improved the protections for employees - “

Little Severus pulled out a book with a yell and tried to rip out a recipe.

“Do be still,” said Aradia, and hurried to her grandson's side.

Jan. 9th, 2019

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Title: It's a Family Affair, IX
Challenge: Society for the Tolerance of Vampires
Word Count: 100

“You need a new hobby,” said Aradia. Her voice was thick with exhaustion. “Sending off for pamphlets from God knows what organization - “

Squibs need support, if they're to live amongst us.

“ - which is not relevant since little Severus is a wizard.”

You don't know that!

“I tested him myself – Eileen apparated home and fetched him this afternoon. You would have met him if you hadn't been trying to find her a job working for vampires.” Aradia yawned despite her annoyance.

She still may -

“Good night, Theo,” said Aradia, and fell asleep.

Jan. 8th, 2019

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Title: It's a Family Affair, VIII
Challenge: Society for the Tolerance of Vampires
Word Count: 100

Theophrastus snorted – silently, Aradia's wordless spells were all but unbreakable – and summoned his wand. What if her Muggle leaves her? The Society for Tolerance would be a steady job he wrote in glowing letters above their bed.

Aradia dismissed the letters with a wave of her hand. “They've been married less than a year. Heaven knows I wouldn't have wanted a Muggle for a son-in-law, but better if they're together than not now that there's a child.”

She should have a job! Theophrastus wrote.

“Not being a blood donor to a vampire nest, she doesn't,” said Aradia.

Jan. 7th, 2019

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Title: It's a Family Affair, VII
Challenge: Society for the Tolerance of Vampires
Word Count: 100

“She could get a job,” Theophrastus said later that night, just as Aradia was falling asleep. “A job in our world. She wouldn't need the Muggle and - “

“Theo. She married him and had his child.” Aradia rolled over to face him. “She isn't going to leave him, at least not immediately.”

“The Society for the Tolerance of Vampires needs a clerk. Our girl would be perfect for it.” Theophrastus propped himself on one elbow. “She could stay here, we could look after her Squib – I mean son, and - “

“Silencio!” cried Aradia.

Jan. 6th, 2019

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Challenge #775: "Snape and The Society for Tolerance of Vampires"

Challenge 775: Snape and The Society for the Tolerance of Vampires

My apologies for missing last week's prompt post! With all the havoc surrounding the holidays, your mod forgot, and by the time I remembered it was too late.

Anyway, we're back, happy new year, and we'll continue our exploration of Snape and various societies.
As it says on the tin, this society advocates for a better relationship between humans and vampires. Since some believe Snape is a vampire, would he have anything to do with this group, or would he avoid them? However you see it, this week we discuss Snape and The Society for the Tolerance of Vampires.

(Remember: drabble posts now appear on livejournal and insanejournal and dreamwidth.)

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