Jun. 30th, 2010

FIC: A "Legion" Smutty Drabblepalooza! V. 1 [NC-17 :: 1/1]

Over All Title: A Legion Smutty Drabblepalooza! V. 1
Author: [info]dmitchell1985
Fandom: Legion (2010)
Rating/Warnings: R or NC-17 for ALL of them./Uhrm, characters you might not want to see ‘in action’.
Catch-all Summary: Masturbation drabbles for all of the characters or character types in the movie. Think I’m kidding? I mean everyone! Choose your favorite and skip the folks that squick you. Please and thank you. :) Also, if I’ve somehow forgotten someone or a character type, please let me know. Please and thank you. :)
Word Count (each/total): 100/1,500
Disclaimer: I don’t own any part of "Legion" and make no money off of this work of perversion. I wish that I did.
Author’s Notes: These are un-beta’d, because I don’t have a beta. Sorry. If anyone has time on their hands, excellent grammar, an eye for continuity, and the ability to spot the small things I miss, feel free to leave me a comment. :) Thanks! The single names are who the drabble features and the added pairings are just that.


Title: In The Land of Fluffs and Rubs
Pairing/Characters: Charlie, Charlie/Jeep Hanson/Michael

That was all it took… )

Title: Relief
Pairing/Characters: Audrey Anderson, Audrey/Kyle

…just to get through the afternoon. )

Title: Demonstration
Pairing/Characters: Jeep, Jeep/Charlie – one-sided

loved and desired her… )

Title: Longing
Pairing/Characters: Kyle Williams, Kyle/Audrey

…show him what he was missing. )

Title: Out of Spite
Pairing/Characters: Gabriel, possible Gabriel/Michael Unresolved Sexual Tension if you look hard enough

Gabriel always washed away his shame afterwards… )

Title: Hush
Pairing/Characters: OMC, OMC/OFC – one-sided (i.e., the homeless people where Michael blasted onto the scene with made up names.)
Author’s Note: Made up street name for made up movie street. :)

teeth snagged his bottom lip… )

Title: Planting the Flag
Pairing/Characters: Michael, Michael/Charlie, Michael/Jeep

…against the restroom floor. )

Title: Duality
Pairing/Characters: Possessed person/Possessing angel, PP PA/random woman
Warnings: Necrophilia, General creepiness

The one who’d been called Brian… )

Title: Surprised Satisfaction
Pairing/Characters: Sandra Anderson, Sandra/the Porcelain God

…she pressed harder against the cold plastic. )

Title: Down the Metal Slide
Pairing/Characters: Percy Walker, Percy/Bob Hanson

…two claws weren’t any kind of joke… )

Title: Cool Brew, Hot Fuck
Pairing/Characters: Bob, Bob/Percy

…recapture any drops that tried to escape )

Title: Preparation for a Battle is Key
Pairing/Characters: Gladys Foster

…the child that could ruin everything. )

Title: Exactly What You Like
Pairing/Characters: Howard Anderson, Howard/Sandra, Howard/Jeep – one-sided

…was more than Howard needed. )

Title: Getting Even
Pairing/Characters: Estevez or the cop that tried to arrest Michael
Author’s Notes: Please don’t bother with the “You’re a racist” hate mail, since as a Black person who’s been followed around, I think I’m pretty certain that racial profiling actually happens. Thanks. :)

…Estevez started taking care of things himself. )

Title: Anticipation
Pairing/Characters: Burton or the cop that was possessed and tried to stop Michael, Burton/nameless hooker

Tonight’s star of his imagination… )

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