Apr. 25th, 2012

S> Reality Check

I love the fact that all it takes is a few random finds on the Internet to give you perspective about the useless a-holes we all run across on a daily basis. I'm talking everyone from the collar-popped douches of the world to the rampant pseudo-intellectuals that have taken over the Internet.

Most particularly, I’m referring to the variety that grows and festers among social media and networking sites. I’m talking about those persons who write long 'essays' about stuff they know nothing about. This further applies to the anonymouses that gather together in hate threads/communities/Tumblrs and the like.

It's not so much that these things didn't dawn on me before, but more like a revelation that I am not alone in this train of thought. It can be hard to maintain a complete connection to the reality of a situation when you have a horde of yahoos all preaching the same brand of off-kilter hive mind thought. It is especially aggravating when this reality is utterly clear, if people would take two seconds to pull their heads out of their behinds.

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Apr. 24th, 2012

Is LJ completely full of trolls?

Seriously, all I want to know is:

  • When did the entire LJ community go batshit crazy?

  • When did all of the trolls on LJ move into positions of power and were allowed free reign?

  • When did it become a rule that you must agree with the majority and not point out honest-to-goodness facts? Like if you cannot deal with something, maybe you should stop interacting with it.

  • Because I got to tell you, that is good solid advice. And definitely looks like something I might have to look into my damn self.

    I can't say that I've ever been thrown for such a loop in my LJ life. I don't go out of my way to troll people, because I am much more interested in having an intelligent conversation than needlessly fighting. It's just that trying to reason or discuss anything with the rude and aggressive posters in LJ comms these days is an experience that one could never see coming. Not if you don't hang out in the comms enough.

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    Apr. 11th, 2012

    Zimmerman FINALLY Charged

    I have only just read about this maybe 25 mins ago. It is about damn time that this bastard was finally charged. The fact that George Zimmerman was allowed to go free and hide out for so long reminds me that I am still not safe in my own country. Not only am I not safe, I am still nowhere near as important as my White counterparts and that my death shall go unsolved, "because it's just another dead n***er."

    Trust me when I say, this is the case on all levels in all parts of This Great Nation. Nay, it is the case the world over.

    As long as women continue to be targeted and are burned alive for being "witches" and young men are shot for being "suspicious," then our world shall never safe. It shall never have a clue and we as a species are fated to do ourselves in. I cannot even say that I'm being overly dramatic here, because there honestly is no other way to slice it. Until we as a species collectively pull our heads from the sand, we simply aren't built for the long term.

    Who needs an apolocalyspe when we have humans to destroy the world?

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    Apr. 7th, 2012

    Seriously. Just let it go. >.>

    I like the fact that even with me shutting down the wanking from the main CS comm, someone decided to attempt to kick up a wank in the Alt CS comm. We were all literally having a really good conversation with all different views and examining the way the main CS comm treats people who are not a part of the hive mind, and in strolls someone who took immediate issue.

    Right away, she decides that dragging drama from the main comm to the alt comm is the best way to break the ice. Then, she gets into with other commentors and even goes so far as to say, "Why don't you go get your wife to change your diaper, you appear to have a bad case of nappy rash, oh wait, that's butthurt."

    I mean, how is that helpful? How does that get any point you're attempting to argue across? It's almost as bad as the main comm that leaves no room for anyone to say anything that contradicts the majority. It's just mind boggling how some people's minds work.

    So, they go on to try to shout me down about words people use and it's honestly a lot of self-righteous blah-blah-blah. But I attempt to reason with them for all of two seconds before their backseat modding kicks in. Naturally, when I call them on their backseat modding, they basically whine that 'telling someone the rules isn't backseat modding'.

    Uh, yeah it is. I believe that is part of the definition of the action. But whatever. I simply stated that I wasn't going to argue with someone who thought they were right about everything, because it's pointless. It's a waste of time and these online arguments don't matter. They change nothing and only serve to create needlessly hostile environments.

    Honestly, if they want to bitch out people over every single point, this person needs to go join the main comm and leave the alt comm for the civilized people that want to have a discussion, not an argument steeped in stupidity and blanket statements.


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    Apr. 6th, 2012

    Oh! There you are, Drama!


    I have had my very first, direct run-in with God Modding. I've heard about it, seen it in passing, and definitely seen it being mocked. But, I have never had mods jump all over me for such a small thing.

    I also had my CRL entry play host to such a powerfully derailing tidal wave of wank, that I found it best to simply sidestep the entire conversation. I knew it was bad when I saw at least two of the community's mods arguing and fighting with the regular members. Not even to correct them via Mod Notes, just plain wanking like children.

    How is it that a community I have been a part of for quite some time has managed to fall apart while I was not looking? I knew that things had gone bad, but it seems that I was utterly blind to the astounding depths of insanity that place had plunged to.

    Cutting for space )

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    Dec. 4th, 2011

    Suddenly Bam

    God, try as I might, I cannot help but feel defeated most days. This applies to everything from just living a fulfilling life, to writing, to playing my favorite video game.

    I do not ask for much from this life before it will ultimately be taken away from me, but a bit of happiness. Just the tiniest bits of sunshine to get me by. And sometimes life obliges and gives me just that. But then, some crazy person (who may sometimes be myself) comes along and tries to ruin it. Now, I know those are the oh-so-testing moments when you're supposed to heroically rise above the shit and be the better person or grow from the experience.

    But what people don't tell you about you always turning the other cheek is that it makes you bitter inside. It does not make you happy and you shrivel inside to a meek pushover. You become scared and angry and essentially hollow, where you have nothing left of substance to call your own most days.

    But you keep on turning the other cheek and sucking it up, because you're expected to do it. Naturally, the rat bastards of the world are the ones who succeed. But what if you do not wish to trade your soul and your very being to get somewhere?

    I suppose that it does not matter much, because you lose it in the end to every tiny capitulation that you feel duty-bound to make.

    Perhaps I am being pessimistic, but I think that I am simply being 'real'.


    Mar. 6th, 2008

    Because I am Black, I MUST vote for Barack Obama.

    Note: I originally typed most of this up last night (Wednesday, March 5, 2008), but didn’t have a chance to double check or post it today. So, “last night” in this entry actually refers to Tuesday, March 4, 2008.


    At least that is what the media and the atmosphere of my local voting location insisted when I went in to vote last night. Not only was this sentiment a recurring theme of the day amongst the buttons, tee shirts, and stickers adorning the Obama supporters at my voting location, the candidate advertising signs lined along a narrow strip of grass that separates my former elementary school from the street screamed this absolute for all the world to see.

    Of course, this is not taking into account the lone older woman I saw holding a heavily damaged Hilary Clinton sign and information handouts, who looked close to spitting venom at having been given the least favorable assignment of the day. She pretended not to hear me when I asked for one of her handouts, so I asked again. She looked me over, passed me a glossy advert, and tossed a tired ‘We appreciate your vote’ in my general direction. Other than her, there wasn’t a single Hilary Clinton sign present among the temporary forest of support for Barack Obama and Bruce Mosier.

    It all amounted to this: I, Danielle, am a Black American. Therefore, I need not look elsewhere for another candidate, but instead should blindly step into line behind the first African-American male that presents the best chance that my people have ever had at reaching the White House's Oval Office. I should forget about any other candidate and what they have to bring to the presidency.


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    9:19 P.M. - 10:06 P.M.

    Jan. 29th, 2008

    So. . . My divorce is being finalized. . .

    Today is the final day that my Extra Icons feature on LJ will be active. Had the last year of LJ's stupidity not occurred, I would never have come this close to letting my extra icons lapse. As it were, they went apeshit and I came here to InsaneJournal, whose paid accounts receive more icons by default than I received from Extra Icons and "Loyalty Icons" combined.

    113 icons spaces.

    That's all the room I have on LJ to display some of the best, funniest, most interesting, and kickass artwork to be summed up in 100x100 pixels of whoa!.

    When you only have six, formally three, icon spaces to work with on a free LJ account, it seems like all the room in the world. Sadly it isn't and even IJ's 250 default icon spaces will eventually be filled up if I stay here for three+ years, too.

    It kind of makes me sad to have a faraway deadline suddenly in my face. I put off transferring all of my icons over here, because it's tedious work. Anyone who's changed journals could tell you so. Then, there was the not-even-believed-by-me dual-journal thing I was working with. To be completely honest, I hardly ever go by LJ unless I’ve heard on this site that something interesting had happened, I get an email about a news update and want to see what new shitstorm LJ is attempting to kick up, LJ's [info]chase_jack needs an entry approved, or if I want to occasionally check on something. That's pretty much it.

    I didn't want to delete my LJ account out right, because I have had it three+ years and it was paid up until this year. I also didn't want to waste my money by deleting an account I had plunked down hard-earned money to maintain.

    An extremely dramatic and corny part of me can't help but mentally compare this to watching a slow death. You know, how it's said that one sense goes first and then another and another until there's nothing left but darkness and a flat line. That's definitely how this comes across. The Paid status goes out at the beginning of next week. I do have to wonder if LJ somehow went back to the way it was, would I get my loyalty icons from my previous paid time back? I mean, it's only fair, because I was loyally paying to continue using the better features all of that time; and would have gladly continued to do so if LJ hadn't lost their shit.

    I'm guessing not, because New LJ's all about money and I'm pretty sure that they will simply say that more "Loyalty" spots would have to be earned. This is just as well, because loyalty to a company has to be earned from its user base. Looking at things now, I can see LJ not only not being able to completely pull it off, but not giving a damn to do so. That, makes me saddest of all.

    I just need to go double check that I have back ups for the pictures I have stored in LJ's laughable Scrapbook before my account expires. If I can avoid having to manually transfer anything else over, I will.


    Oct. 24th, 2007

    SGA Renewed for Season Five? Aww, man!

    NOTE: This entry contains general spoilers for "Stargate Atlantis." The spoilers do wander all over the place, so do read with caution.

    Note: Crossposted from LJ, clearly. Just thought I'd say that up front, instead of lulling you into a false sense of first posting, only for you to find out that this isn't at the bottom of the entry. = D


    Okay, so I already mentioned how I'm not exactly fond of the new SGA. Well, it seems that New SGA has been renewed for a fifth season. I am well aware of the fact that this makes me a "bad Stargate fan," but I was kind of hoping that they wouldn't be.

    Cut for length and general series spoilers. )

    Anyway, I have drabbles to type and post, and possibly even a bit of roaming to do today. I also need to crosspost this over to IJ, since that is technically my fandom journal these days. It simply made it here first, because I was answering comments here and I knew that everyone and their mothers would be chatting about it here.


    I hope that everyone's day is going well.

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    Oct. 7th, 2007

    And we're hypocritically together ever after!

    So, I've been thinking about this today and last night about fandom's latest obsession with racism and how it is Evil. (Capital 'e' and everything.) But then I got to thinking about just how hypocritical fandom is at the same time and I had to wonder why do we even take up these causes?

    Cutting this, because not everyone wants to read my general thoughts on racism and some of us being hypocrites. Also, space. )


    Started: 1:09 P.M.

    ETA from my LJ: Apparently, I wasn't clear enough in my post, because I was going with the train of thought in my head, instead of thinking about how everything would be interpretted by someone else.

    I should have said that the Blog Against Racism isn't where I saw the majority of the fakeness that got me thinking. It was just what reminded me of the huge SGA race wank a while back. The blogging just happened to come along, too, which definitely made me think that it was just going to be more of the posts I read.

    I really should go add this edit to my IJ post.

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