Apr. 30th, 2012

Pimping: [info]hp_may_madness

If any of you in the Harry Potter fandom are looking for a monthly challenge for the month of May, but do not wish to participate in the MMoM/want something extra, [info]hp_may_madness kicks off on the same day.

Sign up info is here.

Apr. 28th, 2012


mmom is getting ready to start in just over two days. If any of you were considering writing for the month of May, the sign up list and info are located here.

I personally have always wanted to take a crack at it, since I've seen many a post pop up on my flist over the years. I'm not sure if I shall complete all 31 days of wanking, but I will give at least one story a try. lol

Of course, this is banking on me not dying of embarrassment first. But of course, that's exactly why I'm doing it this year.

Also! If any of you have any spare time on your hands and want to beta, please let me know. If not beta, if you see a posted fic and have time to spare me some drive-by constructive crit, I'd appreciate it. I'm almost always beta-less and I could use an extra pairs of eyes.

Thanks and hope to see your posts in the coming month. :)


Apr. 23rd, 2012

Wooooow. o.o

I just had another reminder why I decline to interact with people, especially fanfolks in fandom communities. Some of those people love a good fight over absolutely nothing. This fact never ceases to both surprise and amaze me. But hey, this is the Internet and anonymous trolling and pr0n reign supreme.

Even so, the entire discussion as a whole turned out to be rather informative in a general way. A couple of folks were more into confrontation instead of clarification, but that is to be expected. *shrugs*

I have to admit that I had the most boring day at work, but I suppose boring > aggravating. I've been looking forward to my days off so that I can sleep to my heart's content and maybe force myself to create fic for my unloved pairing. Seriously, how are more people NOT shipping Abraham Lincoln/Henry Sturges??? The fiction might not be that great, but I'll probably end up warning for that and calling it even.

The pairing itself is clear as day, but there are not enough people in the fandom to really get it going. It would be wonderful and complex and sexy as hell if handled correctly. I, a person who has never been one for long fics, am half-tempted to tackle this myself. My only issue is that I don't have a standing beta or anyone that likes/has detailed knowledge of things that I like. I basically have to type up stuff and depend on others randomly showing up to offer con crit or spotting the issues later on after it's posted for ages.

Whatever happened to build it and they will come? Does that only work for baseball fields and not fan fiction communities?

/shameless promo



Apr. 14th, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

So, I decided to create an Abraham Lincoln/Henry Strurges community over on LJ. I know, I know. I moved from there to here, but it still has more people swinging by the site and is better known. Plus, since the community is bound to be rather small, the only hope of members is to go to where the handful are gathered. lol

Anyway, the community is: guidedaxe.

It is slash-focused and centers on a human/vampire (then later vampire/vampire) pairing.

I'm really hoping to read some AL:VH fiction somewhere. I have literally seen two fics for the novel and one random picture via Google. I need to hit up DA in case someone posted something there. I'm starving for excellent character-driven works, not until the source material. Only even slashier. XD


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