Jun. 6th, 2012

MMoM 2012 Master List

I wanted to do an entry where I linked to all of my MMoM 2012 fics all in one place. So, this is it. :) I didn’t finish all of the days, nor did I finish writing all of the fics I had planned/begun writing, but I’m still slightly proud of myself. This is the most creative writing I’ve done in two long years.

Please note that 12/13 fics are clearly marked as NC-17. The other is just under enough to slide by.

Original Fiction:

  • Perform for Me

  • The Best Defense is a Good Offense

  • It’s Just You and Me

  • The A-Team (2010):

  • The Most Perfect Hunt

  • Legion (2010):

  • Divine Timeout

  • Like a Moth to Angel Flame

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

  • Not With a Whimper, But a. . . .

  • To Get What You Want

  • And Not A Damn Was Given

  • The Shape of Gratitude

  • Paradise Interrupted

  • Lay Us Down to Sleep

  • Real Person Fiction:

  • Delving into the Right Headspace
  • May. 25th, 2012

    FIC: Delving into the Right Headspace [NC-17, 1/2]

    Title: Delving into the Right Headspace
    Author [info]dmitchell1985
    Fandom: Real Person Fiction
    Pairing/Character: Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin
    Rating: NC-17
    Summary: All rock gods have their own means of prepping for a show. Robert Plant is no different.
    Word Count: 528
    Disclaimer: I do not know or own Mr. Plant. I am not saying the events in this story are real, just that I imagined that they were. lol
    Author’s Notes: Did I just write Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin smut? Yes, I did. These pictures made me do it. I swear. And I kinda want to write some more. O.o I also decided to try a different smut voice to line up more with a rock star that sleeps with plenty of women. Do let me know how it comes across. Written for MMoM on LJ.

    It gave him time to watch the coming crowd and pick out his pre-entertainment for the evening. )

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